The World and Me

Trying to make the world a better place.

What can one person do?

I want to see how much of a difference I can make in the world. I will use this site to track what I have done. Maybe it will inspire other people to try to change the world also. Most of the money I raise will not even be from my own pocket.


The "Good-Deeds" page will list everything I have done for the day (atleast most stuff). You will be able to see what impact just one person can do. If you want to help the world too click the "Links" page to visit some of the sites I go to.


Please note this site is not just for helping charities but for changing the world for the better. So if you do something green feel free to share or if you help a little old woman across the street cause of this site let us know.


My name is Mike Brown, Sompto is a nickname I have had off and on over the years. So feel free to call me either.


This site was started April 2nd 2011. April 7th 2011 is when I started showing this site to others. Already we are growing fast and have done so much. Do not fear we have a long ways to go still.






This site does not endorse any political parties or religions. Any links to any religious causes is not an endorsement to that religion.